The Story I Live By

January 6, 2007

I have taken this title because the actual book I am studying at the moment is “The Story We Live By” by Dr. R. Alastair Campbell who is a Baptist Minister now living in Jamaica; West Indies. 

He is a Biblical Studies Lecturer at the United Theological College.  I have never met the man other than through the introductory page of  his book. 

I am studying through Spurgeons College in London, a Theological College for ordinary men and women who have a calling on their life, whether it be in the church, out in the field or talking to their neighbour next door.  We all have one thing in common and that is our lives have been touched dramatically by Jesus.

I am a fully committed born-again christian and my life has drastically changed with a true life experience of the Holy Spirit .

Only the other night I opened the pages of Acts in the New Testament and started to read about the early church which I am quite fascinated with.  In fact I have a map next to my desk with the Title “The Journey’s of Paul”.  For those not familiar with the the name Paul, his original name was Saul and is famous for his conversion to christianity, again with a life experience of Jesus on damascus road. He was called to preach the good news and set the early church in motion.

Many years ago after watching Midnight Express , one of my favourite films, of all times, was set in the country of Turkey where the early church started.  I swore I would never ever go there.  Later, I happened to see a ‘social’ film set apart from the mainstream cinemas about the injustices of the peoples living in Turkey.  It was sub-titled and all I saw were images of men, women and children half-naked in a Turkish prison.  This cemented my further thoughts that I would never even venture into Turkey, not even on holiday!

Going back to the study book “The Story We Live By”  the sub-title caught my eye as it is a Reader’s Guide to the New Testament.  You would think that as a christian I would know all the bible especially the New Testament.  Well the New Testament is the least of the places I visit in the bible.  I tend to stick to the Old Testament and the prophets, like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, who is one of my favourites.  I like the poetry flow of the writing better, especially from the King James Version.

I am glad this book is only an introductory guide to the New Testament because I am no theologian.  I just love God and know I have a calling on my life. 

In fact I failed my english at school, much to my disappointment, and I have always felt a failure because of this.  So this course is going to be a challenge to me academically and hopefully give me confidence too, because I am determined to do it. 

I have tried to go back to college many times but marriage, having my daughter (now 20), divorce, caring for my mother and moving to Cornwall has delayed things somewhat.

Moving from the city of Nottingham where I come from into a rural part of England was a culture shock.  The summer is hectic but the winter is bliss!  I do miss the snow though! 10 years on, both myself and my daughter are truely settled. We live 10 mins walk apart in St. Ives Cornwall.  

My faith in Jesus Christ, ironically enough, is just starting to grow.

  • My studies will involve getting to know Jesus more through His Word – the bible and the heart of christianity.
  • It will I hope renew and deepen my understanding of what I believe and why.
  • To understand the four distinctive accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s Gospel and witness of Jesus Christ.
  • To read about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The early church, the letters to christians amongst various places namely modern day Turkey! Galatia, Ephesus, of course the Greeks in Corinth; two letters to them! and Philipi.  Other letters aren’t included like Colosse now called Honaz.
  • This book by Dr Campbell also deals with how the authors wrote and shaped their material to communicate the truth of Jesus’ teaching, healings and life to the audience of their day, 2000 years ago. 

So,  finally now approaching the mature age of 45,  I am at last leaving my old life behind and coming into a new time. 

This modern worship song came to my mind and says everything.

I am a new creation

No more in condemnation

Here by the Grace of God I stand


2 Responses to “The Story I Live By”

  1. jeanetteb1 Says:

    Congratulations for starting!! It’s great to meet up with you and to hear about your spiritual journey. I pray that the Lord will bless you as you bless others.
    “He who waters will himself be watered.” (Prov. 11:25, NASB)
    You ask about adding tags… click on edit on your blog entry… in the right hand column you will find “Catagories”… type in the tags you want, separated by commas, and click add… then click on “save”, and there you have it.

    Bless you, my brother!


  2. jeanetteb1 Says:

    Oh, I am SO sorry!! Just read your profile, and discovered your not a “brother”, you’re a “sister”!!

    Bless you, my SISTER!!


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