Spacious Place

January 20, 2007

My Faith - Spacious PlaceI found that as the years went by and I stored up all my feelings towards those that had hurt me…. and we are talking of many years I can honestly say that it was Jesus who brought me into a speacious place.

I learned to hide behind several masks pretending that things were okay. But there comes a time when the cracks start to appear and the hurt just builds up.

I had a breakdown in 2002 and strangely enough a christian friend of mine who also suffers from depression said the words “Breakdown Breakthrough” and it has stayed with me forever. God is the God of the Breakthrough. I think this is in Chronicles.

You have to let God have it. We try everything to keep going ourselves and try to fix the problem. God works from the inside out and this takes time.

Although I was abused and made some stupid mistakes I also had to come to the Lord with my sin which he patiently and lovingly showed me. God will not condemn you He wants to free you. He knows us and our weaknesses. Christ died for our sins because God knows that we have fallen from Grace and He wants to restore us. There is no quick fix I’m afraid but the benefits of getting close to Jesus to heal you is a far better price than dealing with it on your own.

I know in my heart that I cannot do anything without Him, I still try because old habits die hard.

Don’t ever give up, don’t ever think that God can’t do what you think is impossible. He can do all things through you. He works best when we are weak then we can give all the Glory to God which in turn builds our love of God, our faith and we encourage others in their sufferings. You are in fact at the best position,

Be honest with God totally, Read Psalm 139. If I ever think of hiding some bits away from God I read this Psalm. God even knows when we sit and when we stand. He says that even the darkeness is light to Him. Praise Him He knows everything about us. He made us, he carefully knitted us together for his pleasure and knew all the days for you. They were ordained in the Book of Life.

Don’t let the devil snatch away that God cannot do it. He most certainly can. By His Word He created the heavens and the earth!

I shall pray for you and the other ladies because it is also a subject close to my heart too. Whenever I get really stuck I always ask for more faith and grace. That mountain then doesn’t seem so high. God Bless. Please write to me if you wish I will only be too pleased to encourage you. We can all encourage one another. Jesus has a very special heart for women.


One Response to “Spacious Place”

  1. jeanetteb1 Says:

    Thanks for sharing that Jax!! I pray that many will be encouraged by what you have written. And I pray that God will continue to renew you day by day!
    Bless ya, HEAPS!!… Sis!!

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