Although I was familiar with this psalm it has come to mean much more to me over the last year.

I attended a local church in St. Ives on a Tuesday evening which was presented by who was to later become a friend Penny. She is the local representative of our area for telling us about an organisation about persecuted christians.

She was explaining that in China there are many christians who do not possess a bible and sometimes only have a scrap of paper with just one verse on to feed on spiritually.

She gave us all a small piece of paper and asked us to think of one verse that meant a lot to us. My mind went blank. As I looked around me I saw people scribbling down a verse they knew. I was never very good at memorising scripture like that, still not really. My mind was still blank.

By now Penny was getting ready to ask us to read out the verses we had chosen. I still had nothing. I literally could not think of one! Then out of nowhere the verse came into my head “The Lord is my Shephered, I shall not want”. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing added and nothing extra, just those words. To be honest I was relieved just to speak out something.

I kept hold of this piece of paper with the words from Psalm 23. Little was I to know how I would need them and come to understand how much Jesus is my Good Shepherd.

You know what it is like when you want a bible to hand it is never there, but this scrap of paper always seemed to be there and so I would read it and digest those calming words “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want”. I have come to realise that I lack for nothing that God provides for my every need. I am often ill and I know that God has placed me in a beautiful place to live overlooking St. Ives Bay Cornwall which I see from my bedroom. I have a loving husband whom I married last year who takes care of me. For the most 40 years of my life I have had no support whatsoever, no family to turn to.

Jesus has shown me that I can talk to the Shepherd whenever I want and whatever I want to talk about.

This is not just a verse in a bible it has become a living reality with my Lord, my God and my Shepherd who went after his lost sheep and found me. He’s going after the others also I know. I hope they too realise how loving Jesus really is and just wants to help us back to the Father in Heaven and bring us peace.

Thank you Jesus that I can share this at such a time as this. May you bless all who read it and turn to you Saviour, Friend and the True Shepherd. AMEN