I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me

March 1, 2007

I struggle due to depression and anxiety to get out, but this week I had been invited to an art class for therapy and I really wanted to go. I thought in the morning if I can struggle with God’s Grace to get to the art class I can go to the Bible Study. The battle was on.
The words came “I can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens me” .
Not just one or two things but ALL. The Lord seemed to emphasise the word ALL. I put on my jacket and scarf and set out of the doors.
My panic and fear rose up like a tornado. I kept on repeating this scripture as I walked down the road. At one point I stopped, albeit briefly, a few seconds, then I repeated the scripture again all the way until I got to the church doors. So great was the fear of groups and open spaces.
I opened the door to my smiling husband who had gone down before me and he lifted his hands in praise that I had made it. Kenny the Pastor who was feeling better jumped up and said would I like coffee and he made it for me.
It was difficult sitting still because of my nerves but we opened with prayer and then studied a chapter in Acts – a book I rarely visit. I was encouraged because Kenny really did a good bible study and I saw how the Lord has strengthened his ministry over the last year. Months of covering the man with prayer was evident and he had been ill as well. Normally we go off track but Kenny brought it back so naturally I was really pleased for him.
We took communion which is always a blessing for me and Kenny also thanked God for me for coming knowing how difficult it was. The study ended in worship. My best friend Peggy who sat next to me said she had heard me humming. I had wanted to sing a song but I could only remember the tune so I hummed and Peggy had heard me. I so wanted to worship. Howard who has been blessed with a voice from the Lord broke out in song I felt a release of worship and my heart was so warmed with pleasure at singing to the Lord.
It was a truely blessed morning. Peggy invited me around for lunch which meant that I could get to my art class which was literally next door!! God’s provision was so good. I had decided whilst I spoke those scriptures out earlier that I must not fear. God is love and his love casts out all fear.
Although tired at the end of the day, I still managed the wash the pots and sort the tea out for my husband Ray as he was on a late shift that day. When I knew he was okay I then decided to take a nap for an hour. Cindy curled up beside me too.
Thank you Lord your words are not empty but full of promise. Thank you for enabling me to take such a step of faith and in so doing my faith increased and changed the whole course of the day. Blessed Be the name of the Lord.


2 Responses to “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me”

  1. jeanetteb1 Says:

    Thanks for posting that here, Jacqui!

    Good to see you back. People are still reading your blog here, which is wonderful!

  2. Jacqui Says:

    Yes I sent you a message yesterday. I thought they had deleted it completely and last night well things just changed and I know it’s right to be here and also found the write template so I can show from flickr. There is so much to learn and I’ve just started. Been here since September which isn’t long.

    God Bless Jacqui xx

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