Spirit and Truth a Gift From the Father …. A Poem by Jacqui Julyan

April 2, 2007

003.jpgI Worship you Lord

How beautiful you are

Spirit and Truth Your Gift

Imparted to your beloved

Hearts ascending

Tears descending

Patches of gold dust

Sewn for ever eternal

Precious jewels presented swiftly

Oaks and tender branches

Braided into our lives of pain

Carpet of Myrh swiftly laid

Healing balm

Blown through the mists of love

The Lord is present

His hands cradle

His Creation

Delicate lacings 

Heart to heart entwined

The light touch of His eyes

Approve with delight

Crafted with Holiness precision

Adoration marks our hearts

To the wonder of our Father

Crystal clear His throne

Deigned for Truth and perfection

The Lamb curled with the Lion

No Roar



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