Forgot to Water the Flowers

April 4, 2007

056.jpgAlthough my depression is gone I still get very tired. But I praise the Lord because there is no dark cloud surrounding my mind and thoughts.

This morning I was very slow, and knew that I had to pace myself and trust God this day. Learning to live day by day is very good for patience. My times are in His Hands and the bible clearly states that we are not to worry about tomorrow for there are enough troubles for today. How true!

As I write this I am hearing on the news that the 15 british soldiers have been freed. Praise the Lord! Answers to many prayers I believe no matter what the world thinks

As I was tidying up this morning I came across the only plant I have in the house and all the leaves were drooping over the edge of my small plant pot. I couldn’t believe it I have tried so hard to remember to water it! I had been given this plant as a gift from a church member I love and was so determined to not let it die.

Immediately I took it to the tap and watered it. I tidied up the leaves and pulled the old ones off that I knew had died. I could see new shoots coming through and hoped I had saved it. This particular plant I know has to be watered every day. In my distractions I had forgotten yesterday.

Psalm 1 verses 1 – 3

“Happy are those who reject the advice of evil people, who do not follow the example of sinners or join those who have no use for God.

Instead they find joy in obeying the Law of the Lord, and they study it day and night.

They are like trees that grow beside a stream, that bear fruit at the right time, and whose leaves do not dry up.

They succeed in everything they do.”

How distracted to you get from God, are you a Martha or a Mary. Yesterday I was a Martha concerned about everything looking a mess in my house but I praise the Lord again because He sent me my daughter Helen who cleaned my flat not only that she did it in record time. It was such a blessing believe me, I so thank God for her. To me this was a miracle. I also didn’t mind her telling me that she was younger too! She is by 20 years! Oh the energy of youth!

When God tells me to rest He really makes sure I do and provides everything to ensure this rest. I have fought this for so long feeling frustrated by my physical and mental incapabilities. But you see in God’s wisdom He wanted me to slow down to get to know Him personally on a much deeper level and to learn to trust, love, encourage and most of all know that He is my Shepherd. As a result of my daughter helping me out yesterday I was able to go to my art class in the afternoon which I use for therapy. I know sometime in the future this gift for art God has given me will be used for His Glory. It is a door which has been opened by Him and I want to at last receive all the good things He has for me instead of rejecting them in fear.

Love casts out all fear. An ongoing lesson, but one I feel that many christians like myself struggle with, which is why it is so wonderful to share my life and every day experiences with God, my family, my daughter, my life. It truely is a pleasure to share and hear about other peoples lives. I try my best to remember you and get to know you all personally. I know I cannot do things in my own strength, the number of friends have increased beyond what I had envisioned. I trust God will guide me each day to those in need for that particular moment or time. Timing is everything to God, it is His timing that is the miracle. A word, a picture, a letter, a hello at a specific time can mean the world to someone, can lift them up and see them through another day.

I have just gone back in my bedroom and checked on it so I can tell you of it’s condition and would you believe it every leaf has come back to life. Unbelievable!

As David the Psalmist speaks in his very first psalm find joy in studying God’s Word day and night and like the plant in my bedroom it will thrive and live. It will bear fruit and you will succeed in everything you do.

This morning also the Lord reminded me that He is in control!

Keep close to Jesus, do not follow the example of people who have no use for God, in otherwords do not cast your pearls to swines. Save your energy for God’s Glory and you will reap eternal blessings where moth and rust will not destroy.

Have a blessed day and just to let you know I love you all and forgive me if I can’t get round to all of you all the time. Slowly I am getting to know you and you me. Let’s encourage and love one another then the world will truely see that we are Jesus’ disciples. This is the New Commandment from Him let us do this in peace, not quarrelling about worldly philosophies which have no place in our lives.

Walk in the Holy Spirit. He will guide you into all Grace and Truth!


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