“Passion of Christ” What do you think of this film

April 4, 2007

002.jpg“The Passion of Christ” is to be shown on TV over this Easter period here in the UK.

I mentioned to my husband that my daughter who doesn’t go to church (still praying ernestly) said that a lot of christians hate this film, they think it’s too violent!

When I watched it I was captivated because I think it gets to grips with the horror and abuse of what Jesus had to face as God and Man. What price He really had to pay to deal with our sins.

This Easter has so much more meaning and depth for me than ever before in my christian life. The death and ressurection is truely the most momemtuous true life event that has ever happened to this earth.

Unbelievable but TRUE!

Praise the Lord !!

Taste and See that the Lord is good!


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