Depths of Hell to God’s Grace

August 25, 2007

Down in the depths of hell,

My Jesus came and found me,

It was my home,

It seemed forever.

My cries echoed in the lonely halls,

Mirrors reflecting grotesque scars,

Shattered glass of memories,

Bound in dirty linen.

My soul wrapped in pain,

Black shadows billowed,

Encircled, tight.

Fears, amid scorching revenge.

No balm to cool cracked erupting emotions.

Storms burrowed incessantly,

Mind, whipped and lashed,

“Lord?” I cry “Can you help this raging soul?”.

Darkness, blind mans buff, this is no party, Comfort?

I think not!

 Which way?

This way?

Or that way?

Catch me if you can?

They did!

Burning hot arrows,

Flames of deceit,

Words gorged with lies,

Living in a hell hole of debauchery.

Why am I so dirty?

How can I get clean?

“I’m such a mess”

Who will have pity on me?

He says ‘I am’, ‘I can’ and ‘I will’

“Come to the cross my child; see these scars”

He says “For you, just for you”

“Come, I know you are tired,

Let my arms enfold” He says.

“Come into my boat,

My anchor is secure,

Let me steer to still waters”.

His Hands, His Feet,

Scared by pain,

I notice,

Lines of flesh criss cross; catch my eye.

Himself rejected, tortured,

Through Hell’s Mouth,

His hands, reach out, gesturing friendship,

Their firm, but soft grip,

Hold forever.


Fear removed, comfort,

Friendship, Love?

Rest, peace entwines,

My Saviour,

My Jesus,

My Lord.

He leads me on,

Pastures green.

His smile of love I never forget.


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