Winds of change …

January 19, 2008

God I believe wants to do new things. His love and mercies are new every morning and His word is fresh every morning. We are not to eat yesterday’s manna. I am guilty of this so many times.

It takes faith to walk in a new day but as I read the above scripture and diligently sought God, His word gave fresh revelation and new hope.

As I walked past an old church the other day I realised that they really were old and the traditions of men still hold their grip today. But Jesus is alive, His Holy Spirit wants to move. I sensed so much last night that the Holy Spirit is grieving, tears were springing up at the stubbornness of peoples hearts to change. I felt God’s heart breaking. But God is a God of love and will not force those who do not wish to follow Him. Many will be left behind but for those who are lead by the Spirit such joy awaits.

What choice do you want to make today?


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